EEE311: Signals and Systems

  1. Germain (Germ) Drolet
    Tel: (613) 541-6000, ext: 6192 (office: S4100)

  2. 3 lectures per week
    2 tutorials/labs per week

  3. Marking scheme:
    Midterm #1: 10%  
    Midterm #2: 10%  
    Lab reports: 20%  
    Final: 60%  

  4. Main reference:
    Course notes available below.

    Additional references (don't really need):

    1. A.V. Oppenheim, A.S. Willsky, Signals and Systems, Prentice Hall, Second Edition, August 1996, ISBN 0138147574.
    2. B. P. Lathi, Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems, Oxford University Press, Third Edition, March 1998, ISBN-10: 0195110099, ISBN-13: 978-0195110098.

  5. Calendar description:

    EEE311: Signals and Systems

    The concepts of signals and systems arise in a wide variety of areas, such as communications, speech and image processing, and biomedical engineering. This course deals with signals, systems, and transforms, from their theoretical mathematical foundations to practical implementation in communication systems. Students completing this course will understand transfer functions and system responses in both the time and frequency domains, and will be able to perform system modelling, analysis and design. Modern computational software and laboratory equipment are used extensively for simulation and real-time signal processing. Topics include: Fourier analysis of signals; linear systems and filters; sampling theory; filter design and implementation; probability theory, random variables, and random processes.

    Pre-requisite(s): EEE310 and MAE325
    Semester: Usually offered in the Winter
    Contact Hours: 3-2-5
    Credit: 1

  6. Use of mathematical software is encouraged: MAPLE, C programming language, MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, ...

  7. Reminder ...
    Academic misconduct, including plagiarism, cheating, and other violations of academic ethics, is a serious academic infraction for which penalties may range from a recorded caution to expulsion from the College. The RMCC Academic Regulations Section 23 defines plagiarism as: ``Using the work of others and attempting to present it as original thought, prose or work. This includes failure to appropriately acknowledge a source, misrepresentation of cited work, and misuse of quotation marks or attribution.'' It also includes ``the failure to acknowledge that work has been submitted for credit elsewhere.'' All students should consult the published statements on Academic Misconduct contained in the Royal Military College of Canada Undergraduate Calendar, Section 23.

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JAVA applet illustrating some digital signal processing operations:
JAVA applet illustrating the convolution:

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