Germain Drolet
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
Royal Military College of Canada,
P.O. Box 17000, Station Forces,
Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
K7K 7B4

Tel: (613) 541-6000, extension: 6192
Fax: (613) 544-8107

Principal areas of teaching specialization:
Information Theory, Telecommunication, Signal Theory, Electronic.

Courses taught currently or in recent past
IGF241  ``Technologie électrique''
EEE210  ``Electronic Devices and Circuits''
GEF310  ``Circuits électriques''
GEF311  ``Signaux et systèmes''
EEE311  ``Signals and Systems''
EE501  ``Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Communications''
EE563  ``Coding Theory for the Correction of Errors (directed study)''

Germ's schedule for the Fall Term of AY 2019-2020

Germ Drolet 2019-06-26